MATT GIBBS is a WGGB Award nominated writer and editor. He has worked on games such as DICE’s BATTLEFIELD 1, Creative Assembly’s TOTAL WAR: ROME II, Sega’s BINARY DOMAIN, and Ubisoft Reflections’ DRIVER SAN FRANCISCO. Alongside his games work, he is also the managing editor of IMPROPER BOOKS, a comic and graphic novel studio focused on creator-owned stories that have a touch of the fairy tale or otherworldly about them. He has written and collaborated on comics such as MULP: Sceptre of the Sun, with Sara Dunkerton, and KNIGHT & DRAGON, with Bevis Musson. Before going freelance, he worked in marketing and creative services for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Esdevium Games. Originally a field archaeologist, he has worked on sites covering the Mesolithic to the Medieval throughout the United Kingdom.


Games Writing and Narrative Design

Winter Hall (TBC) Lost Forest Games
Battlefield 1 (2016) DICE/EA
Think Like Churchill (2014) Touchpress/Hodder & Stoughton
Total War: ROME II – Caesar in Gaul (2013) Creative Assembly/Sega
Total War: ROME II (2013) Creative Assembly/Sega
Forza Horizon (2012) Playground Games & Turn 10/Microsoft
Adidas® miCoach (2012) Lightning Fish Games/Adidas & 505 Games
Binary Domain (2012) Sega Japan/Sega
Driver San Francisco (2011) Ubisoft Reflections/Ubisoft

Graphic Novels and Comics

MULP: Sceptre of the Sun (2014-) with Sara Dunkerton (Illustrator)
KNIGHT & DRAGON (2013) with Bevis Musson (Illustrator)/Improper Books
Otherworld Sailor (2012) with James Reekie (Illustrator)/Overload #1, The Copydesk
Promises (2012) with Sara Dunkerton (Illustrator)/Bayou Arcana anthology, Markosia
Samhain (2012) with Alice Duke (Illustrator)/Into The Woods anthology, AyeSaw Comics
Yesterday Today (2011) with James Reekie (Illustrator)/FutureQuake #19, FutureQuake Press
Wave Man (2011) with James Reekie (Illustrator)/Spirit of Hope anthology, Comic Book Alliance

Screenplays and Shorts

Everything Ends (Optioned Feature) with director Tito Sacchi/Quadruple Jump
From the Cellar (2010 Short) with director Tito Sacchi/Quadruple Jump
Not Yet (2009 Short) with director Tito Sacchi/Screencult

Tabletop and Roleplaying Games

7th Voyage: Myths & Monsters (2013) Crooked Dice
7th Voyage (2013) Crooked Dice
7TV Rouges’ Gallery (2012) Crooked Dice