Feedback on your script takes the form of a detailed script report and notes, and – if helpful to you – a follow up Skype/video call to discuss it further. My rates for this are:

£180 for Feature Film Scripts (up to 120 pages)
£130 for one hour TV Scripts (up to 60-70 pages)
£80 for half hour TV Scripts (up to 30-35 pages)

Other services/rates, such as synopses, treatments, script editing, proofreading, etc, are available on request, please contact me to discuss your needs and the scope of the work in question.

All work undertaken is treated in the strictest of confidence, and your work is automatically covered by copyright.

NB: In the United Kingdom, as an author you automatically have copyright over your script, unless you assign it to someone else. If you wrote it, and you have not infringed someone else’s copyright, then the copyright is yours. Copyright means that no one can use your work without your permission. You can learn more about copyright via the Writer’s Guild of Great Britain.

“Matt has provided us with insightful and comprehensive script notes that have been invaluable in developing our feature film projects. We are looking forward to working with him further and obtaining his perceptive feedback on future projects.”

– Luke Foster, Development Executive, Iron Box Films