MULP is an anthropomorphic comic book, a Pulp adventure set in a world of mice, by Matt Gibbs & Sara Dunkerton.

The Sceptre of the Sun follows the exploits of Jack Redpath and Vicky Jones as they attempt to unravel a mystery surrounding an ancient stone tablet unearthed during an archaeological excavation in Egypt. This tablet is the first marker on an adventure that sees them racing around the world in search of a legendary treasure. Joined by their friends Cornelius Field, Prof. Walter Harvest-Scott, and Elisabeth Harvest-Scott, together they must prevent a powerful artefact falling into unscrupulous paws.

Suitable for all ages, MULP: The Sceptre of the Sun is being published in five parts, and began with the first in 2014.


MULP: Sceptre of the Sun
Creators: Matt Gibbs (writer) & Sara Dunkerton (illustrator)
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Editor: Luke Foster

Publisher: Improper Books
ISBN: 978-1-4733-2695-8 (Issue #1), 978-1-4733-2696-5 (Issue #2), 978-1-4733-2697-2 (Issue #3), and 978-1-4733-2698-9 (Issue #4).

Twitter: @MULPcomic