Samhain is a fairy tale, horror short, first published in Stacey Whittle’s Into The Woods anthology. If follows the mischief making and legerdemain of three Fay Sprites, as they hoodwink two thieves and play a prank on their fairy kin.

Into The Woods features stories by Rich McAuliffe, Sara Dunkerton, Ollie Masters, Valia Kapadai, Scott Harrison, Lee Grice, Philip Roncone, Matt Gibbs, Alice Duke, Lee Robson, Simon Wyatt, Stu.Art, Alexi Conman, Conor Boyle, Daniel Clifford, David Wynne, Ian Sharman, Nic Papaconstantinou, Bevis Musson, and covers by Andy Bloor, Steve Howard, and Vicky Stonebridge.

Creators: Matt Gibbs (writer) & Alice Duke (illustrator)
Editor: Stacey Whittle

Publisher: AyeSaw Comics

Website: > Into The Woods